Michelle Elise Quilts

Michelle Elise Quilts
Gypsy with her quilt made from Gabe's old clothes

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July!

Gabriel and I went to the DesJardins' Christmas in July party last night. It was fantastic! There was so much to entertain, a tree swing, badmitten, monkey balls game, cornhole, and the Des Jardins' crab apple throwing game. We visited, laughed, and ate s'mores and puppy chow (a.k.a muddy buddies). The mosquitos were terrible but we all bared through. It was great to visit with my friend Rachel, her sis and cousin, and even Erin showed up for the very end! It was a great party! Rachel's mom has a guest book that everyone signs at each party, it dated back to 2004 I think. What a great idea. I wrote my passage half in French, the last name Des Jardins inpired me to do so. Anyhow, here are some pics.

oh yeah, I made the blue flower shirt I am wearing in the photos.

Here is Rachel with her lawn decoration, a snowman.