Michelle Elise Quilts

Michelle Elise Quilts
Gypsy with her quilt made from Gabe's old clothes

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my very first blog

Hi there! my name is Michelle and this is a blog to record my progress with my new found love of quilting.

The first time I remember learning to sew was in high school. Mrs. Johnson taught us to hand sew and I've been doing that ever since. My mother has been a huge inspiration when it comes to machine sewing. She had a machine around and sometimes I would sew a little pouch or bag, mess up her sewing machine, and not return to it for months. She would make curtains for me when I was in college and now redecorates her own home often.

Due to planning a big move from Ohio to Maine with my wonderful boyfriend Gabriel and being a graduate student, I had little money to spend on Christmas gifts in 2009. My parents were in the midst of a move so I offered to give my mom's sewing machine a good home for the Christmas season. I struggled very often with this machine as I fumbled through "how to" videos on winding the bobbin, threading, and tensions. WHEW. I made it through and Gabriel surprised me with a brand new Singer sewing machine! I finished my gifts on my mom's sewing machine though b/c now the Singer was too advanced for me to switch to in the middle of my projects.

Now we are in Maine and I have had plenty of time to get acquainted with my Singer. Boy do I love it! I have successfully completed my first quilt in addition to multiple other projects.

I am now waiting for my studio to be completed so that I will have a ton of space to begin more quilts.

Here it is!

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